Where is Essence and Personality when a person has Alzheimers?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-05-20]

[a5] My Grandmother has Alzheimers…Is she content?

[a5] Where is Essence and Personality when a person has this condition?

[Michael_Entity] The Essence has disengaged from the body at this point, though still care taking.

Alzheimer’s is the choice of individuals who choose to re-experience the first seven years of life as the first seven years of life may have not been assimilated properly. Essence does not “move in” to the Body fully for several years after birth, usually after 7 years, in general. Those with Alzheimer’s have freed the body from any time references, and most space references, similar to a child. This is usually chosen in fragments who were “forced into” their bodies at an early age, before what would have normally been chosen.

[a5] Disengaged? Clarify?

[Michael_Entity] When we say “disengaged”, we mean the life is already in review. This does not, however, mean that it is “done”.

[a5] Since she is older(85) this makes a lot of sense. She seems happy.

[Michael_Entity] Whether this “illness” is seen as traumatic for those surrounding the fragment is not the concern of Essence who chooses this. In most cases, the event is ecstatic and playful. Those who choose this are experiencing some of their first validations of afterlife without stereotypes and imprinting as a gateway.