Why Am I More Server Than Ever Now?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[a5] Does a fragment lose some of it ET’s essence if the ET is incarnate?

[Michael_Entity] In what way are you referring to the “loss of Essence”?

[a5] I’m Server/Sage, my ET is my son. I’m more Server than ever now. Is this because he is incarnate, or my duties as a mom ;).

[Michael_Entity] We understand. Obviously this will be a combination of factors you described, but we see that you have found a place that actually RECIPROCATES your energy in your son, your ET. That is part of your on-going lesson, actually: Recognizing WHERE your energy and actions actually are “useful” and utilized, rather than being exploited or “serving” just to serve.

[a5] yes, I see that.

[Michael_Entity] Another factor, a5, in the experience of being more “SERVER than ever” is that you literally are. You are manifesting higher degrees of Essence through your body and into your world. You are more in alignment with Essence now than before your “mirror” (your ET) allowed you to see the value in your expression.