Will high male energy impede my spiritual growth very much?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-11-18]

[scholar7thlevel] I have a male/female energy ratio of 82M/18F. Will this impede my spiritual growth very much?

[Michael_Entity] That is not possible. No.

It simply means you will have the experience of seeking “spirituality” from a more linear approach, while surrounding yourself with experiences, people, events that continuously offer opportunities for balance. When a M/F ratio is more than 60 in either direction, it is going to be part of the task of Essence to find balance. In seeking that balance, you may choose Overleaves that heightens more creativity, seek relationships that are chaotic, find yourself in unstructured situations that require you to surrender, etc. How you respond to these events begins to allow the Essence more experiential data with which to draw from in further events. Eventually, regardless of M/F ratio, an Essence is easily accessing either angle.