Would Michael please address media bias and suggest a reliable source?

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-01-24]

[ClaireN] The news media in the US is extremely narrow and biased. Would Michael please address this and suggest a reliable source?

[M_Entity] We believe there is too much undue emphasis given to the possibility that your media is “biased” and “narrow.” A more accurate perception, from our point of view, is that it is “innocent” and “slow.”

We have rarely seen your media “hide” anything for long, or distort it for long, or manipulate it, etc. The truth does get out, even if not in the first few reports. We believe it is helpful to “follow” the news as it unfolds and remind yourselves that the people collaborating in reporting are humans involved in their own lives, fears, and agendas as you are.

In general, Local News is fairly accurate over a shorter period of time. News Shows, such as 60 Minutes and Dateline can be more concerned with presentation than with the truth, but a great deal of truth is there, even if cloaked.

Publicly funded radio is fairly accurate in reporting, but we have found this area of news to be severely subjective, which has its pros and cons. This is not to say it is inaccurate or untruthful, but there is far more potential for want of a specific point to get across, rather than the truth. Public Radio will vary from reporter to reporter and show to show. You must validate for yourselves with whom you relate.

We described the news as Innocent and Slow because it is. There is no real agenda of narrowness or bias, as we have said, but it is fair to say there are far too many considerations clouding the reporting which are distracting. This distraction slows the news, but it does get through. We say it is Innocent because most who are caught up in the world of reporting have a hard time seeing past the structures currently in place.

And finally, we have found that News from the North and East of the United States tends to be the most immediately concerned with accuracy and correction.

[ClaireN] I was concerned by the lack of world news, especially when it does not affect us directly.

[M_Entity] ALL news is only reported in terms of how it affects the general area reporting. This is true in all countries. It is not unique to the United States’ reporting methods.

To access what is happening in the world, we can suggest the Internet as an invaluable resource of accuracy and immediacy. There are “streams” of media from other countries, as well as “local” newspapers in English from other countries. There is a tremendous resource of alternative news sources inherent in what is called the World Wide Web. This takes up the slack where your local television or radio cannot fulfill.

As for those media, we can suggest BBC World News is accurate enough and accessible on the radio and cable, while the network called ABC tends to have World News presented accurately on broadcast television. Does this help clarify?