Zipper of a Cadre & Energy Ring

April 2003

Traveling Companions

This wasn’t written very clearly, I am so tired. [tt]

Let me clarify that the Traveling Companions are the 6 other fragments, each from the 6 other Entities besides your own within your Cadre, who share the same position (your Raw Number, some call it) within their own Entity, as you have in yours. So, all fragments in the 100th position within each of the 7 Entities are linked dynamically, and the Traveling Companion who also shares your Casting Position is your Essence Twin. Usually, of the 7 Traveling Companions, 3 are paired as Essence Twins, and the other is linked to a fragment outside of the Cadre, in the same position. This is most commonly done by members of the 7th Entities of Cadres, linking to other 7th Entities.

The reason for these seemingly complicated links is that they are like the “zippers” of a Cadre and Energy Ring, with each of these fragments then being drawn together across the Planes, merging the Entities within the Cadre together, and then the 12 Cadres drawn together by those 7th Entity fragment’s links across the Energy Ring.

It’s all so amazing to me.