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The Michael Teachings is a channeled system of self-understanding that encourages personal responsibility and a keen awareness of how your choices shape your life. It encourages one to see the life from a higher perspective, while honoring the everyday challenges of being human. This teaching is just one map of many for finding your way through your life, your relationships, and the universe.

This MICHAEL TEACHINGS LIBRARY is in the process of archiving over 20 years of Michael Teachings as channeled through Troy Tolley, painstakingly filled by the combination of efforts by GERALDINE and OSCAR, working several hours every day, for a very long time, standardizing, categorizing, tagging, and editing every entry. They continue to do so.

A QUOTE FROM GERALDINE: “This library is the single biggest release of verbatim Michael channelings that’s ever happened. It spans 12 years of internet publishing and includes some documents that were never made public as they were donated from private sessions. Similarly, it will continue to grow and expand as others come forward and donate Q&A material from their private collections to be included. While most of this material has appeared on the TLE website, it is difficult to find, and this library is far easier to search.”

For a quick introduction, more information, access to our social and study network, and for channeling services, please find us at to http://www.TruthLoveEnergy.com

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Troy, Geraldine, Bobby & Oscar!


Troy Tolley